Exclusive Souvenir "The Globe"

Exclusive Souvenir "The Globe" – the Whole World in One Gift.

When you give an entire world, this gift will be remembered and appreciated for a very long time.

The first modern globe appeared in 1492, it was the most real work of art and has not lost its appeal and popularity since then. For several centuries now, the globe has been an expensive and very presentable gift, especially when a person has everything, the globe represents a symbol of power and influence.

The rotation of the globe requires sunlight, so it is better to place the globe as close to the source of light as possible. The product will be perfectly placed in the living room and office. It is worthy of the best place in the interior. The rotation of the sphere in the sunlight is soothing and helps you relax in your moments of rest, put your thoughts in order and dream.

Artistic design: hand drawing, engraving, trimming, sawing, turning.

Dimensions: 120х120х380 mm

Materials: Electroplating with nickel, gold, silver and silver blackening

Материал: Золото

Материал: Серебро

Материал: Никель

lwh: 120x120x380 mm

Weight: 2000 g

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