Table Stationery Set "Mosque"

A mosque is a place that offers a world of calm and contemplation to Muslims. It is formed the basis of the idea of creating a table set for a leader. The lazurite was chosen for a reason. This stone is a symbol of luck and success. Its rich blue tint helps people achieve results in any undertaking, has a beneficial effect on a person's energy reserve, making them more balanced and calm. Lazurite is also considered as a stone of sincerity and friendliness.

The functional part of the writing set is concisely placed in the architecture of the mosque. The heart of the mosque is a casket hidden from people's eyes. At the foot of the minarets, in an arched style, there are compartments for paper or business cards. To the left and right of the minarets, pen and pencil holders fit harmoniously. In the foreground, there is a stationary knife and a magnifying glass. The entire product is made in typical mosque style: arched design, oriental ornament, inlay with cubic zirconia, hand drawing, engraving and trimming—electroplating with precious metals, 999.9 gold and 925 silver samples.

The product is packaged with a wooden gift box with soft satin or velvet inside.

10 years warranty against manufacturing defects.

Dimensions: 360х280х650mm

lwh: 360x280x650 mm

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