One Person Tea Set «Russian Federation Greatness»

The history of the cup holder as the main attribute of Russia's tea table dates back to the first half of the 19th century in distant Caucasian campaigns. It is not superfluous to assume that the cup holder is an original Russian work, as evidenced not only by the tradition of really long tea drinking process but also by the fact that the mention of cup holders is rarely found in the world's specialised collections and relevant literature.

In addition to its primary function, the cup holder has become one of the most popular gifts. It was given by colleagues to colleagues, patients to doctors, students to teachers, and presented to relatives and close friends during family holidays.

Over time, quality cup holders have become a top one attribute of the homes and offices of senior managers, and now it has become a vivid symbol of a bygone era.

Artistic design: hand drawing, engraving, sawing, trimming, electroplating with nickel, gold of the 999.9 sample, jewellery enamel, inlay with topaz-coloured cubic zirconia. Main material: brass.

Set includes: Cup holder, glass, spoon, saucer, wooden gift box with gold satin inside.

Dimensions: 140х140х130mm

Materials: gold, grass, enamel, nickel, cubic zirconia

lwh: 140x140x130 mm

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