Two Persons Tea Set «Rhapsody»

The modern type of tableware set as we see it today dates back to 18th century Europe. In the Russian Empire, tea sets were very popular among the nobility, because it was a true Russian tradition to drink tea during soulful conversations. It is thanks to the thin organisation of the Russian person's soul that tea sets are still incredibly popular gifts. Artistic design plays a unique role when choosing a tea set. Elegant forms, traditional ornaments inlaid with gemstones, this is the first thing we discuss with the customer.

Products are necessarily combined with elite porcelain. All bowls are removable for ease of further use.

Dimensions: saucer - 14 cm spoon - 13.5 cm cup - 9*7 cm creamer - 8.5*11.5 cm sugar bowl - 10*10 cm

Material: brass, nickel, gilding, agate, enamel
The product is packaged with a wooden gift box with gold satin inside.
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