Souvenir composition «Sailboat»

This product is based on the idea of creating a memorable, functional souvenir with a fine thread of the history of the brightest moments in the life of the birthday man.

The artists' task was to veil the moments of his bright life, to place the initials in the ornament and depict the heraldry of significant places on the sails and much more.

The gift's functional part was based on the idea of the time value as the main attribute of life and the correctness of the chosen path. That is why it was made in the form of a compass.

Decoration: hand drawing, engraving, trimming, sawing, multi-level etching, electroplating with nickel, 999.9 gold sample, jewellery enamel, topaz-coloured cubic zirconia inlay

Size: 400х200х400 mm

Materials: gold, brass, lazurite, cubic zirconia

Материал: Золото

Материал: Латунь

Украшение: Лазурит

Украшение: Фианиты

lwh: 400x200x400 mm

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