Knife – НР2 - London

This knife is made at the Zlatoust plant weapons-grade speciality steel on the model of an ancient Zlatoust masters knife. This knife was recognised as one of the best in 1851 at The Great Exhibition in London. Among the famous blades of the European school, Zlatoust products were incredibly popular. Their main feature was a unique metal. The shape of this blade was recognised as one of the most multi-purpose.

« When European craftsmen saw the decorated blades coming from Zlatoust, they were shocked by the beauty of the metal. Its extraordinary qualities were even more delighted. The best English blades did not leave any trace on the knives of the Ural masters. While there were numerous scratches and notches on the English blades. "I take my hat off to your mastery! - said one Englishman, "You have surpassed our skills and become the best disciples of gunsmiths from India, a Great Britain colony».
London, 1851

Restored according to sketches, presumably created for the album drawings for the "Technical Cabinet" of the Zlatoust weapon factory.

  • Knife size, mm* ... 253(132) х 30 х 3,0***
  • Damascus steel ...У10А-7ХНМ
  • Number of steel layers... 150**
  • Blade hardness ... 58 HRC
  • Knife weight without a sheath, g ... 165
  • Normal blade with a straight spine
  • There is a false blade on the spine closer to the point.
  • The hilt with a sub-finger notch
  • The guard and the hilt are made of duralumin.
  • Extended fixed knife tang
  • Leather sheath included
  • Unrestricted sale and carrying of a knife
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