Knife – Н7 – Mamin-Sibiryak

This knife is made at the Zlatoust plant weapons-grade speciality steel. The quality of such a knife was once highly appreciated by a famous writer and avid hunter Dmitry Mamin-Sibiryak. The knife is a multi-purpose one. Its technical characteristics are suitable for any activity in the forest and the mountains, in areas of the Urals, Siberia and the North. At the end of the 19th century, high demands were placed on the knives for hunting and research expeditions. As such knives have already proven itself, it has been recreated by our masters.

« A famous writer has arrived in our city. He settled in a private house, near Big German Street, as we used to call it. He inquired in detail about the lives of local workers. He listened carefully as he was going to write a big essays collection. But he also paid as much attention to hunting in the local area. He asked in detail about weapons, especially knives. He really got his heart set on one particular blade. After that, he was gladly presented with a gift from a local hunter».
Zlatoust, 1886

Restored according to sketches, presumably created for the album drawings for the "Technical Cabinet" of the Zlatoust weapon factory.

  • Knife size, mm* ... 290(180) х 37 х 4,0***
  • Blade steel ...У10А-7ХНМ
  • Number of steel layers... 150**
  • Blade hardness ... 58 HRC
  • Blade with spine sloped to the point
  • Thumb ramp on the guard
  • The guard and the hilt are made of duralumin
  • Extended fixed knife tang
  • Leather scabbard included
  • Unrestricted sale and carrying of knife
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