Knife – Н6 – Alexander II

This stainless steel knife is made as an example of the most comfortable multi-purpose knife of a high level of safety. Once such a knife was appreciated by the heir to the Russian throne, the future Tsar Alexander II. The Grand Duke travelled around Russia and stayed at Zlatoust. He carefully studied the production of weapons in a factory. He liked the knife that was simple, comfortable and elegant. Our masters tried to recreate it.

«Russian tsars have repeatedly made attempts to learn about the life of the state, despite its vast expanses and poor quality of roads. They were interested in the country's weapons production. They did not hesitate to inspect the blades in person, they would gave high or low marks, because they were well trained in military arts. Not only the decorated blades, but also the working knives received their attention. Zlatoust weapons have always been valued especially highly by noble people».
Zlatoust, 1837

Restored according to sketches, presumably created for the album drawings for the "Technical Cabinet" of the Zlatoust weapon factory.

  • Knife size, mm* ... 280(144) х 35 х 2,4***
  • Knife blade Steel ...U10А-7XNМ
  • Number of steel layers... 150**
  • Blade hardness ... 58 HRC
  • Normal blade with the spine slightly sloped to the point
  • The guard and the hilt are made of textolite
  • Thumb ramp on the guard
  • Extended fixed knife tang
  • Leather scabbard included
  • Unrestricted sale and carrying of knife
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