Knife-Н3 - Humboldt

This knife is made at the Zlatoust plant weapons-grade speciality steel as a variant of European, specifically German style of cold bladed weapons. It was Germany that had the greatest impact on the development of the Zlatoust style. But Zlatoust masters surpassed their teachers, and Europeans acknowledged this.

«Famous German scientist and traveler Alexander Humbolt considered his trip to Russia as one of the most difficult but interesting ones. He was most attracted by the endless expanses of the Urals and Siberia. Zlatoust, a city on the border of parts of the world, was considered one of the most deserving places to be described. Mr Humboldt wondered whether this city was more European or Asian-like? But after he visited Zlatoust and saw its conveniently arranged streets, its factory, which was built on the best German models, the very products - European style blades, not inferior in quality, Mr Humboldt appreciated the high level of development of these places. He was given a German style knife as a keepsake, but it was made by Zlatoust masters.
Zlatoust, 1829

Restored according to sketches, presumably created for the album drawings for the "Technical Cabinet" of the Zlatoust weapon factory.

  • Knife size, mm* ... 270(166) х 35 х 4,0***
  • Blade made of stainless steel EI 107 (40Х10С2М)
  • Number of steel layers ... 150**
  • Blade hardness ... 58 HRC
  • Normal blade with straight back
  • There is a false blade on the spine closer to the point.
  • Thumb ramp on the guard
  • The guard and the hilt are made of duralumin
  • Extended fixed knife tang
  • Leather scabbard included
  • Unrestricted sale and carrying of knife
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