Knife – Н5 - Tiflis

This knife appeared in the collection of the Zlatoust plant weapons-grade speciality steel, after studying the Caucasian variants of Zlatoust masters' knives. In the 30s of the XIX century, some masters from Zlatoust were trained in ancient Tiflis. The Caucasus was widely known for its blades in both the East and West. Zlatoust masters learned the basics of the European style of cold weapons at first. But after the secret technology of the Eastern blacksmiths was restored, they decided to adopt the experience of Caucasian gunsmiths.

«Our blacksmiths have always had excellent skills. Our swords and daggers struck any enemy in the war. The other day, craftsmen from Zlatoust, the town of gunsmiths, arrived here. They also have the secret of a forged Damascus and know how to appreciate the beauty of weapons. Our gunsmiths paid tribute to our guests and shared their secrets».
Tiflis, 1831.

Restored according to sketches, presumably created for the album drawings for the "Technical Cabinet" of the Zlatoust weapon factory.

  • Knife size, mm* ... 287(172) х 30 х 4,0***
  • Blade made of stainless steel EI 107 (40Х10С2М)
  • Number of steel layers ... 150**
  • Blade hardness ... 58 HRC
  • Knife weight, g ... 480
  • Normal blade
  • The guard and the hilt are made of brass with nickel and gold
  • Extended fixed knife tang
  • Leather scabbard included
  • Unrestricted sale and carrying of knife
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